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fire ants in the back yard

Fire ants in South Florida

March 28, 2016

Florida is a state of many pests, however South Florida is a haven for many of the dangerous pests including Fire Ants. Fire ants are abundant and found in almost all untreated yards throughout the area. In fact even visitors are warned about fire ants and are urged to stay clear of their nests.... Read More

ants in a jupiter florida home

Eliminating Ants Indoors

July 8, 2015

If  eliminating ants, regardless of the species, have found their way into your home or other indoor surrounding and is causing a nuisance in your life, you are not alone.... Read More

many rats in a south florida pantry

Rodent Control Palm Beach Florida

May 23, 2014

Controlling rodents is not an easy task especially in heavily populated areas. Rodents enjoy environments that are great havens for foods and that provide a great space for a home. Areas that are heavily populated, such as in the cities, are often overrun by rodents because of a large concentration of restaurants, (particularly fast food).... Read More

reynolds pest management debugging a home

National Pest Management Month

April 28, 2014

In honor of  National Pest Management Month in April, listed below are just a few simple and easy preventative measures on how to secure your home from unwanted pests and rodents.... Read More

sun shining on beautiful florida home

Pest Control in Jupiter Florida

May 3, 2013

Florida is a wonderful place to call home. The climate is wonderful, the people are friendly, and there is plenty to do and see. From the beautiful coastline to the hustle and bustle of the larger cities, if you call Florida home, chances are you have an insect or other pest problem.... Read More

florida pest management association inc logo

Pest Control Regional Meeting

February 21, 2013

The FPMA Region 13 held its February pest control meeting for members and non-members of the Florida National Pest Management Association. Core CEU’s were offered at this meeting by guest speakers Dr. Phil Koehler, an entomologist, and Dr. Roberto Pereira of the University of Florida Entomology Department.... Read More

mosquito sitting on top of a body of water

Pest Control Methods and History for Mosquitoes

June 4, 2012

Mosquito pest control officially began in Florida around 1922. Mosquitoes have been a serious nuisance since people began inhabiting Florida. Stories have been told of Spanish and European sailors in the 1800s covering their bodies with beach sand as a method of preventative pest control to sleep at night in Florida.... Read More

doctor removing a tick from a mans hand

Ticks and Fleas Invading Early Due to Warm Winter

February 2, 2012

All throughout Florida and the United States, unusually warm winter weather is obvious. It is pleasant to have such beautiful weather; however, it means a higher chance of pest infestation for your home and pets... Read More

teen mowing his florida lawn

Proper Mowing Practices for Florida Lawns

May 23, 2011

Not many residents take into account that the mowing techniques used on their grass has much effect on its health. Many types of grass are used in Florida landscapes. Each type requires a specific care technique. Just by following a few simple tips, your lawn could look like it could belong in a photo shoot.... Read More

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