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To avoid pests or rodents disturbing guests this holiday season, Reynolds Pest Management. Inc provides the following tips:

  • Live holiday decorations or trees should be inspected outside or in store before locating them indoors.
  • Firewood should be left away from the exterior of any home to prevent the insects living within the firewood from finding entrance to the home.
  • For decoration that are stored, unpack them outdoors to be able to be prepared if pests are found inside. They can be discarded outside rather indoors.
  • Baking is high during the holiday and so baked goods or baking products many times contain pantry pests. Inspect baking goods or other goods susceptible to pantry pests.
  • Store food in airtight containers. Ants are common to find inside sweet foods.

Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. encourages homeowners to be extra careful during the holidays and follow the prevention tips. Home pest inspections are available to Florida homeowners and visitors that may be concerned about pest infestations and rodent outbreaks.

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