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Ants - More Than Just a Nuisance!

If you’ve ever had ants get into your house, then you understand how frustrating it can be to see them trailing across your floors and countertops. However, those ants are more than just a nuisance. They can also contaminate your food, spread harmful illnesses to you and your family, damage your property, and leave you with painful stings!
Here in South Florida, ant control is one of the most requested pest control services by home and business owners alike, and for good reason! In our area, we have many ant species that can cause a variety of different problems when they find their way inside commercial and residential properties including food contamination and even structural damages! So if ants have invaded your home or property, the team here at Reynolds Pest Management has the experience and equipment needed to take care of the problem!

How We Treat For Nuisance Ants

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Many of the ants here in South Florida are considered nuisance ants. These ants such as big-headed ants, white-footed ants, and ghost ants may not harm you, but they will cost you time and frustration as you attempt to eliminate them as well as money since they will invade and contaminate your stored food items.
Once these nuisance ants get into your home, they become very difficult to eliminate. Many of these ants will hide or build colonies deep within the walls of your home. And though DIY methods may seem like the best way to solve your problem, ant traps are often ineffective and can lead to even bigger ant problems and sprays can be dangerous to both your family and pets.

Luckily, we have years of experience treating nuisance ants in Florida homes!

  • First, we'll inspect your home to determine the type of ants that have invaded your home, where they are located, and how they’re getting inside as different ant species have different habits and nutritional needs that will determine where they will be found and how we'll treat for them.

  • Once we determine ant species you're dealing with and where they are nesting, we use quality ant control products to target the nesting area. Nests are often in hard-to-reach areas of the home such as within wall voids or even inside outlets, one more reason why hiring the professionals at Reynolds is essential to successful elimination.

  • After we've successfully eliminated the current ant infestation from your home, we’ll also treat the outside perimeter of your home to prevent new ants from getting inside.

How We Treat For Fire Ants

Fire ants are the ants that cause the biggest issues here in South Florida. These ants are not simply a nuisance, but instead can cause painful stings when disturbed, sometimes by the dozen! Fire ants are extremely common in our area, commonly building their nests in large mounds on our yards. If their nests are disturbed, they will swarm out to attack the perceived threat, delivering painful stings to defend their nests. And while these stings are painful for anyone, they can have serious health implications for our pets as well as for children, the elderly, and those with other health problems. Therefore, extreme caution should be taken when dealing with these ants on your property.
If you're finding fire ants out in your lawn, or worse, inside your home, your best choice is to reach out to us at Reynolds Pest Management. For the most effective management of fire ants, we offer TopChoice Once-A-Year Fire Ant Control. This system can only be applied by certified pest control technicians and is very effective at eliminating fire ants.

How TopChoice Works

Unique mode of action. The active ingredient found in TopChoice is Fipronil which works to stops the insects' nerve impulses and causes a disturbance in their nervous system.
High safety profile. Because TopChoice is only toxic to insects, it's safe for use around family and pets. Furthermore, only low dose rates are required for it to work effectively.
Long-lasting, residual effect. TopChoice not only eliminates existing colonies of fire ants, but will also work to prevent new colonies from establishing on your property for up to one year. After its initial release into the soil profile, it will bind tightly to the soil, creating a lasting barrier that is unaffected by rainfall. This system targets the colony workers who, after coming in contact with the active ingredient, will then carry it back to their colony where it will spread to the queens and other members, eliminating the entire colony.
Controls secondary pests. Not only does TopChoice target fire ants, but it also provides control against other nuisance ant species as well as mole crickets for a total of three months and fleas and ticks for up to a month! So when you choose to implement TopChoice onto your Florida property, you'll get more than just fire ant protection.
Can be applied any time of year. By working all year long, TopChoice targets fire ants in their most active season, when the temperature is cool and the ground is moist. In the summer, when it’s hot and dry, these ants burrow deeper into the earth in search of moisture and a cooler temperature. This causes those ants to be less likely to crawl over or through the insecticide granules. However, applications made to turf under these conditions will be present until the ants begin to actively build mounds that reach the surface.

Why Choose Reynolds For Your Ant Control Needs

  • We do not use sprays when treating inside your home, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your family or pets.

  • We customize our treatments, based on the specific type of ant infestation you're dealing with in order to most effectively eliminate the problem.

  • We have the training and equipment needed to reach the areas that DIY ant control treatments cannot.

  • Our fire ant control works to prevent fire ants for a whole year while also working to protect your home from other common pests as well.

  • When we treat for fire ants, we'll treat your entire property including shrub beds to ensure complete fire ant elimination.

  • Our ant control is guaranteed, meaning that if our treatment doesn’t take care of your ant problem the first time, we’ll return to fix it, free of charge!


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