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Exceeding South Florida’s Pest Control Needs Since 1991

When dealing with a pest control problem in your home or on your property, you'll want it taken care of by a pest control company that will put your needs first. And for over 25 years, Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. has been providing high-quality pest control services that keep our customers as our #1 priority. For all your pest control needs, you can trust us at Reynolds to get the job done right! If you’re looking for a home pest control plan to protect your home and yard, we have an offering to meet your exact requirements!

Our Residential Pest Control Plans

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Basic Pest Control Package

Our Basic Pest Control Package is perfect for homeowners with minimal pest control needs as well as for condominium and townhouse owners looking to invest in pest protection services to protect their properties from general pests.

Pest covered in the Basic Package: This package works to keep both nuisance ants such as black crazy ants, ghost ants, and pharaoh ants and other common pests including cockroaches, silverfish, and earwigs out of your home!

In addition to providing quality extermination and exclusion services for common pest problems here in South Florida, all of our pest control plans, including our Basic Pest Control Package, come with our pest-free guarantee, offer organic treatment options, and ensure year-round pest protection!

For effective pest control and prevention services for your South Florida property, consider investing in our Basic Pest Control Package for your home! When you choose our Basic Package to meet your pest control needs, you are ensured top-of-the-line pest control treatments, effective, long-lasting results, and year-round pest protection. And with an affordable monthly price and a pest-free warranty, you'll be hard pressed to find a better and more reliable residential pest control offering than the reliable home pest control plans we offer here at Reynolds Pest Management!

*Some exclusions may apply. See program details for additional information.

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Advanced Pest Control Package

Here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc., our Advanced Pest Control Package is the most popular of our three pest control plans. This plan includes all the benefits of our Basic Pest Control Package and consists of monthly or bi-monthly service visits to treat both the outside of your home as well as the inside, if necessary!

Pest covered in the Advanced Package: Our Advanced Pest Control Package provides coverage for a variety of common pests here in Florida including nuisance ants such as big-headed ants, black crazy ants, ghost ants, pharaoh ants, and white-footed ants as well as general pest protection for pests that can be found invading homes and properties like silverfish, earwigs, and wasps.

In addition to the general pest protection provided in both our Basic and Advanced packages, our Advanced Pest Control Package also provides specialized services in the form of carpenter ant and cockroach control! At Reynolds, our cockroach control provides coverage for American, Australian, and German cockroaches.

With this plan, we'll treat your property and the outside of your home during every visit and will treat the interior of your home if you are having pest problems inside! If you're looking for quality pest control that targets household invaders, then our Advanced Package may be the ideal choice to meet both your pest control needs and your budget!

*Some exclusions may apply. See program details for additional information.

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Complete Pest Control Package

For superior pest control service, Reynolds’ Complete Pest Control Package offers protection from insects and rodents, both indoors and out. While every service visit includes outdoor treatment, if you ever find pests inside your home, we’ll take care of them! With our Complete Pest Control Package, you'll receive our highest level of pest control protection for your home and property.

Pest covered in the Complete Package: Our Complete Package included all the benefits of our Basic and Advanced Pest Control Packages and provides coverage for a wide variety of pests including nuisance, destructive, and dangerous ants such as big-headed ants, black crazy ants, Caribbean crazy ants, carpenter ants, fire ants, ghost ants, pharaoh ants, and white-footed ants as well as American, Australian, and German cockroaches and silverfish, earwigs, stinging insects (specialized services for bees), mice, rats, fleas, and ticks.

In addition to the general pest protection services included in our Basic, Advanced, and Complete packages and the carpenter and cockroach control services included in our Advanced plan, our Complete Pest Control Package also provides specialized services in the form of flea and tick control, fire ant control, and even rodent control to ensure complete and total pest protection. For more information about our residential pest control packages or to get started with us, contact us!

*Some exclusions may apply. See program details for additional information.

* Please note: All of our pest control packages include an inspection prior to service. If the square footage of your home/property, nature or size of your current infestation, or structural elements of your home are inaccurate or different from what was initially paid for, additional charges may be applied.

Our Initial Pest Control Visit

Here at Reynolds Pest Management Inc., the typical steps that our pest control professionals will take during an initial pest control visit include the following:

  • Performing a thorough inspection and evaluation of your home and property to identify areas of pest activity.

  • Identifying the type of pest you're dealing with on your property and locating the source of your pest problem.

  • Determining the best product, equipment, and techniques to utilize while treating your home.

  • Performing quality pest control treatments according to EPA and state regulations and laws.

  • Providing a follow-up visit to determine if the pests that we treated for have been 100% eliminated.

You Can Trust Reynolds Pest Management, Inc.

Here at Reynolds Pest Management Inc, we encourage all homeowners to always investigate the pest control company they are interested in hiring. Making sure the person you're paying to treat your home has the proper credentials and licensing is very important! Never allow a person or company to apply pest control products inside or around your home without verifying their credentials, licenses, and expertise, as doing so can turn bad very quickly! The state mandates all pest firms to abide by strict laws, application and products laws, as well as to receive on-going education in the field of bug extermination. But when you partner with the team here at Reynolds, you won't have to worry about that. We'd be happy to show you our credentials and prove our experience and expertise in the pest control industry to ensure you are comfortable with us servicing your home!

If you ask any of our previous or existing customers, they'll tell you that each of our professional pest control technicians are licensed, qualified, and highly-trained in performing the residential pest control services that you need. In addition, we take it a step further by performing background checks, identity verifications, and investigate for any offender violations when hiring our technicians, so you can always count on us at Reynolds Pest to only hire the best and most qualified individuals to join our team!

At Reynolds Pest Management, Inc, we've prided ourselves in providing effective and affordable pest control services to homeowners throughout South Florida since 1991, and we continue to do so to this day! In our area, residents can rely on our full-service pest control company for effective pest control and termite control services. With our pest-free warranty and commitment to exceptional customer service, you can trust the pest control experts here at Reynolds to not just meet your pest control needs, but exceed them!

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