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Protect Against Property and Structural Damage
There are billions of dollars in property and structural damage each year caused by rodents, carpenter ants, and termites. The main food source for termites is wood. As a result, they'll feed on anything in your home that's made from wood. 

This includes:

While carpenter ants don't feed off of wood, they'll go into wooden items to build nests. Mice and rats also chew on wood, soft concrete, and metal PVC. They can also chew on electrical wires, which can result in house fires and short circuits. 

Maintain the Sanitation and Cleanliness of Your Home
A home that's free of pests is a sanitary and clean home. Cockroaches and rodents sift through your garbage and breed in sewer pipes. Having to clean up their droppings throughout your home is completely unsanitary. 

You additionally have to deal with the smell of cockroach feces and rat urine around your home. Some pests can cause pain or other types of issues when they sting or bite you. 

Protect Against Diseases and Health Issues
Allergies and asthma can be attributed to pests in your home. Rodents and insects can transmit the following diseases:

West Nile virus
E. coli
Typhoid fever
Protect your family and pets from harmful diseases with year-round pest control in Jupiter. When you have a pest control specialist continually checking your property, you'll avoid a major infestation that can cause major health issues. 

Maintain a Consistent Schedule 
When you have a pest control plan, you can schedule your appointments well in advance. You won't have to worry about having to schedule a last-minute, unexpected appointment when you have consistent appointments scheduled throughout the year. 

Avoid Expensive Emergency Pest Control Treatments
Having routine pest control maintenance is most cost-effective than an emergency appointment. It can get costly to address a major pest infestation. Prevention is always better than trying to remedy a huge pest issue. 

When Should I Schedule Pest Control Appointments?
With each season, new bugs that can hurt and help your home are brought out. Different bugs have favorite times of the year, so it's best to prepare your yard and home for each of them. 

Spring and Early Summer
One of the ways to prevent pests from getting into your home is by scheduling an appointment in the spring. During this time, insects and rodents will start becoming active after the cold months. 

Call a licensed professional to come to inspect your home for infestation signs. They'll also look for signs of insect and rodent activity that's inside your home as well. This way they can catch any infestations before they start. 

They can also treat the roofline, foundation, and areas around your windows and doors. 

Mid Summer
The warmest months of the year have the highest levels of rodent and insect activity. Pests are always out looking for and collecting food items to help them get through the winter months. They also might be looking for areas to start a colony or nest. 

During the summer months, you'll want to continue the treatment on the exterior of your home. This will prevent pests from entering your home to make their nests. Your pest control specialists will also examine your patio, play structures, and yard for signs of pest life. 

In early fall and late summer, some rodents and insects start to become more active. Ants and wasps can reproduce very fast during the summer months. This results in massive colonies that you have to deal with in the fall months. 

Your pest control specialists will continue to treat the outside of your home. The continued treatment will reinforce the barrier around your home's perimeter that was created at the beginning of the year. 

When you take your winter clothes and sweaters out of storage, look for damage from moths. You'll also want to keep an eye out for ants and spiders that begin to show up in large quantities. 

During the winter months, rodents and insects will find shelter inside your house. Mice and rats stay active all winter long. Other bugs, like wasps, stay dormant until the weather starts to warm up. 

Since bugs tend to be not as active during this time, it's important to clean all yard toys and outside furniture before storing them. You should still keep an eye out for rodent activity, like droppings or urine. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, you'll want to treat the inside of your home. 

What Happens During an Initial Pest Control Plan Visit?
Your exterminator with thoroughly inspect and evaluate your property and home to look for areas where pests are active. They'll then identify what types of rodents and insects you're dealing with. 

Then, they'll determine the best equipment, techniques, and products are best to treat your home. The exterminator will conduct treatments based on state laws and regulations. 

Partner With a Reputable Exterminator in South Florida 
Scheduling routine pest control in South Florida is a great way to stay on top of unwanted pests and rodents in your home. Avoid a surprise infestation by having an experienced specialist visit your property multiple times throughout the year. 

Contact us to schedule a home pest control service today. 

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