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5 Tips for the Best Pest Control for Indoor Bugs

Indoor bugs, if left untreated, can cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage, and even get your family members sick! By trying out these 5 tips, you can either prevent breeding or eliminate any bugs that have already colonized in your home.

1. Focus on Prevention Efforts First

The best pest control is preventing pesky bugs from nesting in your home in the first place. There are a variety of regular cleaning activities you can do that will deter insects from nesting. You can start off by wiping down your countertops and kitchen surfaces with a solution of vinegar and water, which will remove water and food particles that attract bugs. After that, transfer any food you have into sealed jars or containers so they can’t get into it. Make sure you also rinse juice containers or empty jars before placing them in your recycling bin. Another important way to prevent bug infestations is by checking all your faucets to make sure none of them are leaky because bugs are attracted to that kind of water source. You should also clear your drains of any leftover food, which you can do by pouring a mix of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water down them.

2. Handle Your Food Properly

If you can’t afford the best pest control service, one way to prevent bugs from invading your home is by handling your food properly. By following the tips below, you can stop accidentally beckoning bugs into your home.


If you like to keep fresh fruit and veggies in your house, you should make sure to eat them in a timely manner. Bugs are attracted to ripe fruits, so if you leave them out you’ll attract them inside. When it comes to fruit flies, it’s easier to prevent them from getting inside than it is to eliminate them.


Don’t throw out meat scraps or bones unless your garbage is going to be picked up within the next 48 hours. If you do, the combination of rotten meat and heat could attract bugs inside your home. If you do have to throw meat out, try to put it in a sealed container to keep the smell to a minimum.

3. Inspect Your Home for Any Hidden Entry Points

Another best pest control practice is to check your home for any damaged areas or hidden entry points that could allow bugs to enter your home. You should inspect and repair any broken doors and windows, repair rips and tears in your screens, and use screen meshes to keep these bugs at bay. You should also check your home’s foundation, missing roof shingles, and pipes, and make sure to seal any of those openings with the proper materials. You should reduce any standard mercury lights with halogen lights because they’ll be less likely to attract bugs to them. Bulbs that have pink, yellow, or orange tints are the least attractive to flying bugs. It’s also important to check the interior cracks and gaps in your home, like under and behind kitchen cabinets and your stove, and make sure you seal them so they can’t gain entry.

4. Research the Insects that are Infesting Your Home

One of the best pest control techniques is educating yourself about your property’s pest type. By knowing what insects you’re dealing with, you can take the specific steps that will get rid of them most effectively. For example, if you’re dealing with centipedes, the best thing to do is dry out all damp areas where they can thrive, like your garage, porch, and basement. If you’re dealing with mosquitoes, which breed rapidly in stagnant water, get rid of anything that can collect and hold that water, and dry out pools of water inside your home. If you’re dealing with termites or cockroaches, on the other hand, you’ll need to connect with a pest control expert to get rid of those nasty critters.

5. Find Out When You Need an Expert’s Assistance

Prevention methods and DIY approaches to bug infestations can be effective, but they may not always work depending on the bug type or level of infestation. If your problem is too much for self-treatment, or if these bugs are set to serious physical and financial damage to your home like a case of termites, you should contact a pest control expert. These pest control experts have high-tech equipment and chemicals that can effectively eliminate bugs and leave your home pest-free for a long time. These kinds of experts have intimate knowledge about infestations and will know the proper methods for dealing with whatever infestation you have going on. The benefit of hiring them is knowing you are guaranteed high-quality equipment and services, as well as confirmation that your problem will be dealt with. Most of these professionals also offer free estimates, so you’ll know how much everything will cost before you sign up for their services.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with indoor bugs isn’t easy, but if you follow these best pest control tips and tricks, you can have a fighting chance at freeing your home from them! Are you currently dealing with a bug infestation? Have you tried any of these techniques? Let us know in the comments!

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