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Top 3 Termite Solutions

Solution #1: Termidor

Termidor is a professional termite solution that both kills and prevents termites. Simply have the liquid applied around your home, and watch the termites disappear.

Depending on your termite problem, Termidor is utilized in several different ways.


For subterranean termites, have the liquid applied along the foundation walls or exterior perimeter of your home. Termidor binds to the soil and creates a barrier that’s undetectable to termites. Any termite crossing the barrier contracts the “disease” and dies. Keep in mind that Termidor is order free and perfectly safe for pets.


Termidor DRY is one of your best options for combating dry-wood termites. The solution is sprayed directly into the home’s termite galleries to pinpoint the infestation. Termites that eat the sprayed wood become infected and die. The DRY solution turns the termites only food source into their own downfall.


The Termidor solution kills termites through contact and ingestion. The magic of the formula is that any termite who “contracts” the Termidor “disease” become a carrier. Worker termites can contract Termidor and bring their infection back into the colony. This is an excellent way to target the elusive termite queen and destroy the colony from the inside. The unique “virus” like effect is what sets Termidor apart from other products. However, like any termite solution, regular check-ups are recommended for controlling termites over time. Always schedule follow-up appointments with your termite professional to ensure another infestation isn’t starting.

Solution #2: Sentricon® System

One of our favorite termite solutions is the Sentricon® System. The system works through infiltrating the termite food chain and targeting the queen. It’s much like your household ant-trap and related in function to Termidor. Termites take the bait and carry it into the colony. The system is setup with small “stations” that surround your home’s perimeter and dispense an alluring cellulose compound that termites love. The destructive little buggers can’t tell that the bait is poison, and are actually drawn to it over naturally occurring cellulose compounds. What’s more, the system is completely safe and certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Always use the least abrasive chemicals possible. The Sentricon® System is an excellent start to combating termite infections on the exterior of your home. It also helps with further termite prevention. We can’t recommend this termite solution enough.

Solution #3: Tent Fumigation

The worst termite infestations call for the harshest solutions. Sometimes there’s no avoiding bringing in the big guns and hitting the critters with chemicals. Tent fumigation derives its name from the “tent” or tarpaulin that covers the outside of your home while fumigation takes place. Professional exterminators pump large quantities of termiticidal gasses, such as Vikane, into your home. These gasses penetrate the wood in your home and eradicate the entire infestation. lso available in place of tenting is something called, “tape and seal” fumigation. This process works similarly to tenting, but seals the home without needing a more expensive tent. It’s very important to consider cost if tent fumigation is your last resort. Many exterminators prey on homeowner’s desperation and mark up prices. Always discuss prices and shop around before choosing the right exterminator for the job. Respectable companies will give you an estimate based on your unique situation, so never trust phone or email quotes.

Special Note

Tent fumigation releases toxic chemicals into your home. This means you, your family, and your pets will need to find alternate housing. The fumigation process length varies depending on home size and severity of the infestation. Plan on at least 72 hours before you’re able to return home.

Bonus Solution: Prevention

Okay, so this solution won’t rid you of an infestation, but the best of the termite solutions is a good defense. It’s very important to understand the risk of termites in your area. Unfortunately, Florida has several different species of termites ready to eat through your home. In fact, half of South Florida’s wooden structures are at risk of termite infestation by 2040. That’s a number that should concern you. Schedule yourself a weekly termite checkup. Even minimal diligence can offer substantial protection. Look for shed wings near windowsills, holes in exposed wood, holes in your attic, termite droppings inside and outside your home, and of course termites themselves.

Ridding yourself of an infestation is much easier if you catch the signs before the termites have time to colonize your home. Living in Florida comes with natural risks. Hurricanes and flooding are on most people’s mind, while even alligators get their fair share of press. Against our wishes, the lowly termite is too often ignored. Termites pose an enormous threat to Florida homes that is manageable with the right precautions. If you have even the slightest notion of termites in your home, call an exterminator. If you didn’t kill the queen isn’t killed, you didn’t stop the infestation. If you’re looking for an expert on termite solutions in South Florida, get in touch with us. Our family run company has 26 years of experience keeping Florida homes pest free. Never sacrifice your home to termites or any other creature. Let us help you live an enjoyable, pest free life.

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