What are rodents?

Rodents make up the largest group of mammals and are identified by their continuously growing front incisors. To prevent their teeth from overgrowing and stopping them from eating, rodents constantly gnaw on anything they can get their teeth on. The two most common species of rodents to cause problems for home and business owners in Florida are rats and mice. Both of these rodents have bodies that are covered in fur, rounded ears, dark eyes, and a long tail that is covered in a light layer of fur and will take advantage of any source of food, water, or shelter they come across. However, the main difference between the two species is that rats are about three to five times as large as adult mice.

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Are rodents dangerous?

Yes, rodents are dangerous pests to have living in and around your home. Not only can they cause damage to your property, but they will also contaminate food items and introduce health risks. In addition, they will chew through electrical wires, lumber, insulation, drywall, ductwork, flooring, clothing, boxes, furniture, pictures, and books.
By far the biggest danger that rodents pose to us when they invade is in the form of the harmful diseases they are known to spread such as Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), salmonellosis, dysentery, Hantavirus, leptospirosis, and more. In addition, their urine and feces can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions in certain individuals.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

When looking for a place to invade, both mice and rats will initially be attracted to properties that offer them easy access to food, water, and shelter. Open containers of garbage, compost piles, gardens, bird feeders, fruit trees, and pet food can all easily attract mice and rats to your property. And once they have found their way onto your property, it is only a matter of time before those rodents squeeze their way into your home while foraging for food and a nice, temperature-controlled area for them to create their nests.

Where are rodents commonly found?

While living outdoors, rats commonly nest in trees, woodpiles, under decks and foundations, along the sides of rivers, and in piles of debris. On the other hand, mice are more likely to create their nests outside in tree stumps, woodpiles, dense vegetation, or in the abandoned nests of birds or other small animals.
Inside homes and other buildings, mice and rats typically prefer to nest in warm, dark areas that are in close proximity to food sources. Because of this, they can often be found nesting behind walls, in attics or basements, inside crawl spaces, inside storage boxes, underneath sinks, and behind appliances such as stoves or refrigerators.

How do I get rid of rodents?

The best way to find and eliminate all the rodents that are living and nesting throughout your home is to contact a pest control professional for assistance. At Reynolds Pest Management, our professionals will complete a pest analysis and evaluate points of access. Based on our findings, we'll create a treatment plan to eliminate your rat or mouse infestation and prevent future problems with rodents and other common invaders. For residential or commercial rodent control in Florida, give us a call today!

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

Rodents can be difficult pests to prevent, especially because mice and rats have somewhat come to rely on people for their food and shelter needs.
The following tips can help to keep rodents from choosing your property and home to invade:

  • Make sure outdoor trash containers are stored away from the outside of your home, and that they have tight-fitting or locking lids on them.

  • Trim trees, branches, bushes, and shrubs away from the exterior of your home or business.

  • Make sure that any damages to your home’s roof or roof line are repaired in a timely manner.

  • Seal cracks and crevices found in your home’s foundation and exterior walls to eliminate rodent entry points.

  • Install door sweeps underneath all exterior doors to close gaps that may be utilized by invading mice and rats.

  • Repair leaky outdoor pipes, fixtures, or clogged gutters to help prevent moisture build-up.

  • Store food inside the refrigerator or in air-tight containers to eliminate potential food sources for rodents and other home-invading pests.

  • Clean up crumbs and spills in kitchen and pantry areas to avoid attracting mice and rats to those areas.

  • Routinely vacuum your entire home to keep your home clean and free of food crumbs.

  • Wash your dirty dishes on a daily basis to avoid attracting mice and rats onto your kitchen counters.

  • Remove garbage from your home every day and store outdoors in sealed trash receptacles.

  • Keep storage areas neat, clutter-free, and organized to eliminate hiding spots for invading rodents.

While these prevention tips can be helpful in deterring mice and rats from your home or business, the best way to ensure your property is being protected from rodents is to invest in professional rodent control services! To learn more about our services and the benefits they could have for you or to get started with us, reach out to us today!


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