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With beautiful coastal views, a preserved pioneer-era homestead, and the red 1860s Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, Jupiter, Florida is an area rich in history, scenic locations, and fun activities for the whole family. Our little corner of the southeastern coast provides both tourists and local residents with plenty of sights to see and experience as well as museums dedicated to the area’s history. However, no matter how vibrant the place you live is, pests will always present a major problem for homes and business owners alike.
Here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc., we understand the constant struggle of dealing with and preventing pest invasions, which is why we go out of our way to ensure that your home or business gets the highest quality pest control treatment plans available. So if mosquitoes or termites are adding unwanted stress to your life, don’t hesitate to reach out to the pest professionals here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. for all your pest control needs. For more information about our services, reach out to us today!

Residential Pest Control In Jupiter, FL

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When you get home after an exhausting day at work, probably the last thing on your mind is checking your home for signs of a pest invasion. After all, your home is meant to be a place you can relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. However, if pests manage to find their way into your home, handling them on your own may just create more unneeded stress in your life. With the help of our pest control experts and home pest control plans, we can provide you with the protection your home needs to stay pest-free all year long!
Here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc., we have been providing advanced methods of pest control and prevention since our founding in 1991. Our pest control offerings include treatments for ants, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and a variety of other common pest invaders found here in Southern Florida!

Don’t let the stress of dealing with pests steal away from your quality of life. Instead, give the professionals here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. a call for quality interior and exterior residential pest control treatment options!

Tips To Minimize Mosquito Exposure In Jupiter, Florida

No matter where you go here in Florida, mosquitoes can be found around every corner, and Jupiter is no exception! Many residents are aware of the threats mosquitoes pose to their health, but many of us tend to push those threats to the back of our minds with a “that won’t happen to me” mentality. Unfortunately, the health risks associated with mosquitoes are much more dangerous than many would like to admit. For this reason, it's important to take caution to avoid being bitten. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Wear lighter-colored clothing. Studies have shown that mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to darker colors than light, neutral, and pastel colors.

  • Avoid entering mosquito hotspots. Mosquitoes are more commonly found hiding out in shaded areas that are warm and humid such as areas of tall grass and thick brush. By staying out of these common mosquito hotspots, you can reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes and contracting the diseases they transmit.

  • Remove sources of standing water. Mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in sources of still or standing water. By removing these water sources from your property, you may reduce the populations of mosquitoes found living and breeding on your property and the threats they pose to you and your family.

  • Avoid spending time outdoors at dawn or dusk. Mosquitoes are most active during dawn and dusk, so avoiding spending time outdoors during these times can help reduce your chances of being bitten by these insects and, therefore, of contacting the harmful mosquito-borne illnesses that they are known to spread.

The best way to ensure that your home and family are being protected from is protected against mosquitoes is by investing in the effective mosquito treatments from the experts at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. To learn how our long-term mosquito misting systems can benefit your home, give us a call at (844) 326-3100 today!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Jupiter, FL

Owning a successful business here in Florida means providing your customers with positive, friendly interactions and top-of-the-line products or services. However, when common pest invaders such as cockroaches, rodents, and more find their way inside and are spotted inside your establishment, your business has the potential to lose its standing in the community, become poorly-rated, and in some cases, even shut down. And as a business owner, that's the last thing you want!
Here in Florida, cockroaches and rodents are the most common pests found causing problems in businesses. But when you partner with the team here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. for commercial pest control, you'll receive the best pest control treatments available as well as access to highly-responsive pest control experts to attend to your needs. To keep your establishment running smoothly and free of invasive pests all year-round, partner with the pest control professionals at Reynolds Pest Management!

Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In Jupiter, Florida

Here in Jupiter, Florida, we face many of the same pest problems that residents in other states face. The difference, however, is the fact that we have to deal with these pests for much longer and, oftentimes, even year-round. When it comes to termites, builders in our state have made strides to avoid them in recent years by building new homes primarily out of concrete. Unfortunately, not all homes are made entirely out of concrete, and instead, have plenty of structural wood components that termites are happy to eat and tunnel through. The good news is that there are a few precautionary measures you can take now to better protect your home from invading termites in the future!
Here are a few preventative measures you can take to avoid termite damages:

  •  Eliminate moisture in your home by repairing or replacing leaking pipes, water-damaged wood, and dripping faucets.

  • If possible, create a barrier between wooden parts of your home and any surrounding soil or mulch.

  • Store firewood a distance away from the exterior walls of your home, and remove old stumps or other natural wooden materials from your yard.

  • Remove leaves or other fallen, organic materials that may clog your gutters and create added moisture build-up in your home.

The only way to keep your home entirely termite-free is by contacting us at Reynolds Pest Management and allowing us to inspect and treat your home for termite damage. If termites have invaded your home or if you’d like to protect your home before they have a chance to invade, contact us and get started with our termite control services today!


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