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Most Dangerous Insects for Pets

August 14, 2018

/pest-libraryMan’s best friend may be well acclimated to the outdoors, but they can often be unaware of some of the tiny dangers lurking around our homes.... Read More

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10 Common Florida Bugs to Look For in the Summer

August 10, 2018

What makes you think of summertime? Is it swimming? Summer vacation? Maybe you think of ice cream or watermelon. But do you think about bugs? Probably not. But the amount of bugs, especially in Florida, is astronomical during the summer.... Read More

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The Risks of DIY Pest Control

July 29, 2018

There are lots of different do it yourself projects around your home that you can do on your own without thinking twice. From staining a fence or organizing your garage to retiling a bathroom or bringing an old piece of furniture back to life, you won’t have to worry about the risks associated with these projects.... Read More

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