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Do I Need Professional Pest Control?

There can be any number of bugs and insects in and around our homes on a daily basis. Especially in Florida – humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy warmth and humidity! How can you tell when your problem is an infestation? And, if it is, what should I do to address it? Let’s have a look at the answers to these questions in detail.

How to Define an Infestation

What’s the difference between an ant nest in your backyard doing your garden good, and an ant infestation? Part of the difference depends on the species. If you live in a wooden house, there’s no ‘healthy’ number of termites to have near it! If you run a commercial kitchen, you don’t care what sort of bugs they are, you just need them gone.

Now Identify the Pest

The first step you should take if you are concerned is to identify exactly what pest you are dealing with. You can use google image search or a google search for your area. You can even ask neighbors who might have longer living in the Florida region than you do. The National Pesticide Information Center has a Pest Control department. They can help you identify the pest you are dealing with. Once you’ve identified the pest, do some research online about its habits in your area.

Does it cause harm to people? Buildings? Pets? What does it eat, and what conditions enable it to reach plague proportions? From there, you can decide if you need to take pest control action.

What Should I Do to Address It?

You may have found that you are dealing with a likely infestation. If the infestation can be harmful to people, animals or buildings structures, it’s time to act. There are some pests particularly common in the Florida region. The problem you are facing may be amongst them.

Common Florida Pest Problems

Florida’s mild and humid climate makes it a favorite for pests. Let’s have a look at six most common pests in Florida homes.


There are something like 80 different types of mosquitoes in Florida. Some spread blood-borne diseases like Zika and cause irritating pain from bites.


Known to pass diseases to humans, rodents also damage electric wires and keep you up at night running up in the ceiling.


Cockroaches are hard to avoid in the tropical Florida climate. Not directly hazardous to humans. Their droppings can trigger allergic reactions.


Ants can live in colonies of up to millions of individuals, though they only live for around 50 days. They can cause a lot of damage to that lawn you worked so hard on. Their bites and stings are very painful, and they can infest your kitchen and your pet’s food bowl


These little guys love to eat the wood – those structural bits holding up your Florida home! Check for wood that sounds hollow when tapped and that easily crumbles.


Not only an issue for your dog, fleas can infest carpets and leave itchy red bumps on the skin of those they jump on. They can spread tapeworm and bacterial disease. Many people experience an allergic reaction to their debris.

Florida Pest Control Options

Once you’ve identified the animal and decided if it is a pest you need to deal with, you have a final decision to make. Will you DIY it or call in the professionals? We recommend you call in a professional. If nothing else, then for an initial quote and advice before you act. Do-it-Yourself pest control can be dangerous. Profession pest control services know the chemicals they are dealing with. They study how to manage them so they don’t threaten the health of anything except the pest in question. A DIY solution could also be ineffective or make the problem worse. Professionals understand the habits of pests. They know how to deal with an infestation quickly and effectively. Do you have children, elderly people, or pets in or around your home? Let the pest professionals know so they can offer perhaps options.

How to Choose Between Pest Control Services

When considering a pest management professional there are some key points to consider. Think about the following:


Ask to see their qualifications. Check their license with your state pesticide regulator office. You can ask them how they keep up to date on changing regulations and safety advice. That’s a good way to hear the difference between companies.


Look at online reviews and ask neighbors for recommendations. What do other people say about the quality of their service, their follow-up and their value for money? It’s usually a good idea to get a couple of quotes before you make a final decision. Judge by value not cost. The cheapest provider is not necessarily the best value if your pests don’t leave. Look for flexibility. Better services understand that pest problems can arrive when it’s not payday. They offer deals and flexible payment options.


Ask about their low toxicity options. Check what they do to reduce environmental impacts. Their openness to having these conversations will be telling. Compare their answers with your other quote. See which one offers the safest treatment for your Florida pest control concern.

Time to Get Some Quotes! 

As soon as you’ve identified a pest or infestation, it’s time to act. You want to nip the problem in the bud before it gets much worse. Get some quotes on the solution from Florida pest control professionals. Reynolds pest management provides free estimates. With no obligation. Contact them for a quote to have them solve your pest control concerns today!

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