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Small but not forgotten, Palm City stands as a quaint hub on Florida's coastline. With the Atlantic Ocean just a stone's throw away and a number of cultural and recreational locations within driving distance, Palm City is the perfect place to live or run a local business. One of the only downsides is the fact that, like anywhere else, we have pests. These pests bother at work and then continue to do so once we have come home. Luckily enough, one major amenity Palm City does have is quality pest control services provided by the professionals at Reynolds Pest Management. If you and your property are up against annoying, destructive, or potentially dangerous pests, consider partnering with Reynolds. Our pest technicians are highly trained and our pest control services are have been tested and proven effective. We'd be happy to share our success with you!

Residential Pest Control In Palm City, FL

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Making the investment to buy a home is a big deal and is certainly not a decision to be made hastily or foolishly. It can be difficult to take every factor into account before signing on the dotted line. Oftentimes, homeowners buy their dream home, only to find that it is less dreamy several months in when pests such as cockroaches, flies, ants, and termites find their way inside. And not only can these pests make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, but they can also present serious threats to the health of you and your family and cause damages to both your home itself and the personal belongings stored inside.

The good news, however, is that your home doesn't have to remain in this condition. Instead, with a simple phone call to our main office and a visit from one of our experienced pest control professionals, we can have your Palm City home feeling like home once again. Here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc., we exist for one main reason - to help homeowners like you find freedom from the frustrating pests we deal with here in South Florida. Let us show you how!

For more information about our home pest control plans, give us a call today!

Attic Services Available In Palm City, Florida

Pests are clever creatures. Many of them will scour every inch of the exterior of your home until they find a way inside. Most commonly, pests find their entry point in either your foundation or your attic and roofline. Here at Reynolds, we offer professional attic services. You may be wondering what that looks like. For us, it looks like high-quality pest control insulation that can also save you up to 35% on your monthly utility bill. Made of cellulose and infused with boric acid, this insulation is a substance that is harmful to pests but not to humans. Our high-tech insulation works year-round to keep your attic pest-free and the cost of running your Palm City home or business low. It doesn’t get much better than that. For more information about our attic services or to schedule your free estimate, give us a call. One of our pest service representatives would be happy to help!

Commercial Pest Control Services In Palm City, FL

Running a successful business is no easy task. With so many moving parts and the potential for anything and everything to go wrong, it's easy to get overwhelmed. And when it comes to dealing with pests in a commercial environment, there are a number of things that could go wrong. That's the last thing we want for you or your business! At Reynolds, we offer professional commercial pest control services for businesses here in Palm City. These services work to keep out pests that can do you, your products, your business, or your customers harm. If that is what you are looking for, consider contacting us. We're certain that we can find a plan of action that protects your investment!

The Perfect Lawn In Palm City, Florida Is Only A Phone Call Away!

Your lawn is the first thing anyone sees when they look at your property. It stands as a frame to show off your home or business's beauty and, when that frame is poorly-kept, it can ruin the whole picture. And here in South Florida, pests, or more specifically, lawn, tree, and shrub pests, can easily wreak havoc on our properties. And these pests are exactly the reason we provide professional lawn care for Palm City properties. Here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc., our lawn care services include:

  • Weed control services

  • Fertilization services

  • Tree and shrub pest treatments

  • Fungus and disease control

  • General insect treatments

If you're looking for a way to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, we have the answer here at Reynolds Pest Management, Inc. All you have to do is give us a call!


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