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Factors That Lead To Mosquito Problems

Typically mosquitoes lay their eggs during the winter months, and more specifically when the temperatures are around 50 degrees. Then when the weather heats up, mosquito season begins. Sometimes this happens as early as February, but this is rare. More commonly, mosquito season will start sometime in spring and reach its peak around mid-summer. This means now is the best time to begin your preparations to keep mosquitoes away.

Why Mosquitoes Are So Hard To Treat Alone

There are some things you can do as a homeowner to reduce your chances of having mosquitoes on and around your property. You can search around your home for sources of stagnant water where female mosquitoes lay their eggs and eliminate these sources. You can install fans in outdoor lounging areas. This will make it extremely difficult for mosquitoes, who are lousy flyers, to land on you and bite you. However, these are not sure-fire solutions. If nearby areas have standing water, what you do on your property will not be enough to fully deal with the problem. And installing fans can only do so much. These facts may leave you wondering what you can do next. Here is what we recommend.

How Reynolds Treats For Mosquitoes And Why It Is Your Best Option

When you invite one of our pest service technicians onto your property, they will not only address any and all mosquito breeding grounds, they will also apply a long-lasting mosquito repellent barrier around your property. This EPA-registered formula will work fast every time a mosquito decides to wander past your defenses, keeping you and your friends and family safe from their pesky bites.

When you trust Reynolds with your mosquito needs, you will find peace outdoors. Let us find your solution today. Give Reynolds a call and get the mosquito protection you deserve!

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