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Once it starts to get slightly colder outside in the winter in South Florida, most people begin spending most of their time indoors. As a result, there isn’t quite as much food out there in the world for mice to enjoy when they’re outside.

Because of this, many mice will start to try and make their way into homes to find the food that they so desperately need to survive. Mice will eat just about anything that they can find, but they tend to prefer:

  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Seeds

That said, mice will chow down on just about anything they can find when the going gets tough. They’re known to eat anywhere from 15 to 20 times each day, and they’re not particularly picky when they get hungry. Once they find a reliable food source, they’re also known to build a nest right near it so that they can get to it easily. So, if you start to spot mice running around in your kitchen, it’s likely that they’ve found something in it that they like.


Mice need more than just access to food in order to survive. They also need to find water in the wintertime to sustain themselves. The average mouse will drink anywhere from 4 to 7 milliliters of water per day. But that amount could double in some cases if the mouse is a female that’s lactating. If you suspect you might have mice in your home, it’s recommended that you remove any water sources that will give them easy access to H2O. Something as simple as a dog bowl filled with water could help sustain a group of mice and cause them to multiply by leaps and bounds before long.


Mice are hardy creatures that can withstand the cold temperatures outside for a certain period of time in the winter. But even they have their breaking points and will try to come inside to get warm when the temperature falls too dramatically. There have actually been instances in which large populations of mice have died suddenly due to very low temperatures. Your home will provide mice with all the warmth they could ever want when you have your heat on. Specifically, many mice will try to gain access to the attics of homes in the wintertime since much of your home’s heat rises up there. One way that you can prevent mice from setting up shop in your attic is by having cellulose attic insulation added to it. This type of insulation is designed to keep many different types of pests away. There is financing available that will allow you to add new insulation to your home’s attic so that you won’t have to worry about mice congregating there in the coming months.


There are many homeowners who will allow clutter to gather both inside and outside of their houses during the wintertime. They will pile up cardboard boxes filled with things that can’t be exposed to the elements in their homes. Or they’ll pile up things like wood and stones around the outside of their homes. This kind of clutter can prove to be very problematic for homeowners since it gives mice and other rodents the perfect place to hide and even nest. Mice will crawl inside of a box or work their way inside of a pile of wood and create a nest for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, you’ll have no idea that it’s happening and turn a blind eye to the mice that are right under your nose. By clearing out any clutter that exists inside or outside of your home, you’ll give mice fewer places to hide this winter.


Do you have a lot of bushes, shrubs, and trees around the perimeter of your home? Your landscaping design is yet another thing that could attract mice to your home in the winter. Mice will often climb up trees and then run across their branches to get onto the top of homes so that they can sneak inside attics. They’ll also use bushes and shrubs for cover as they weasel their way in and out of your home. Make it a point to trim bushes, shrubs, and trees on a regular basis throughout the year. You should also shine a flashlight behind bushes and shrubs every so often to see if you see any signs of mice.

Learn About What Attracts Mice to Your Home to Keep Them Away

If you’ve experienced problems with mice in your home in the past or if you have neighbors who have trouble with mice, you should be on the lookout for them this winter. They could very well try to invade your home to find food, water, warmth, and a cozy place to live. You should also get a clear understanding of what attracts mice to your home so that you can be proactive about eliminating those things from the premises. You can stop mice from coming and going as they please by getting rid of whatever it is they’re chasing after in your home. Have mice already become a big problem for you and your family this winter? Contact us today and let us come and take care of your problem. Make sure you ask about our financing options.

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