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You Need to Know If a Spider is Dangerous

First things first, it’s imperative you identify whether the spider’s dangerous. Overall, most creepy crawlies are safe. They also serve a useful purpose–catching other gross bugs! If you don’t suspect a spider of being harmful, you’re usually better off letting them be. Alternatively, you can gently move them someplace else. However, if you’re situated in Northern America, you should know that the most common nasties are the: black widow and the brown recluse.

The Black Widow

A female black widow spider boasts a black, shiny color. However, they have a notable hourglass-shaped print on their belly. This is bright red, so you can’t miss it! Males, on the other hand, show a mix of white dots on their upper abdomen. Black widow webs usually showcase peculiar patterns and tend to be thicker than average spider webs.

The Brown Recluse

The brown recluse is a tiny, light brown spider. Typically, they reside in the South and the Midwest. So, if that’s where you live, be on the lookout! The best way to describe a brown recluse’s web is off-white, sparse and sticky.

How to Get Rid of Harmless Spiders?

If you want to get rid of a harmless-looking spider, then you can quickly grab an old jam jar or a drinking glass and gently trap them underneath. Then slide a piece of paper beneath them to ensure they’re locked securely inside. Now, you’re able to relocate the spider somewhere outdoors; you can put them as far away from your home as you want!

What If The Spider’s Poisonous?

If you think you’re facing a nasty spider, and have a good-quality vacuum cleaner, this is the safest and most effective way of getting rid of these pests. Use the hose attachment to suck them up. This is an excellent method because you don’t have to get too close to them, making it an incredibly safe strategy. If you think the spider’s lurking in its tunnel, just suck up the web along with any insects inside. Simple! Once you’ve done this, get rid of the vacuum bag immediately! Be sure to secure it by wrapping an extra trash bag around it and dump it in your outside bins.

Top Tip: if you’re handling dangerous spiders it’s usually best to hire a professional exterminator. It’s the only way to achieve complete peace of mind.

Where Do Spiders Hang Out?

If you want to ensure your home’s rid of all spiders, you need to know where they’re most likely to set up camp. All in all, spiders feel safer in dark places. They like to be able to hide and create their webs in secluded locations. Most spider breeds gravitate towards humidity, so basements and attics are prime spots for spinning their webs. On the other hand, other spiders favor dry, warm locations. For example, ceiling corners and air-vents. Go around your home and investigate all these crevices to ensure you’ve gotten rid of the crawlers!

Don’t Squish

You may think the easiest way to get rid of spiders is to squish them outright. However, this isn’t usually the most effective method. This is for two reasons:

  • If the spider’s pregnant, it’ll release its hatchlings when it’s smashed. This will leave you with more spiders than you began with!
  • If you’re handling a black widow, they tend to scuttle straight at you. You need to keep a safe distance away, which isn’t always possible when you’re manually squishing them!

You get the idea! If in doubt, just grab a vacuum cleaner.

Use a Deterrent

One of the simplest ways to rid yourself of these pests is to use a spider repellant. Rest assured, you don’t have to resort to toxic chemicals. However, as we’ve already said, we strongly suggest using a licensed pest control company. A high-quality exterminator always uses products with an EPA label on them. Be sure to ask what kind of sprays and mixtures they use before committing to their services. There are plenty of pest control companies out there who use organic products, so if that’s something you prefer- ask them before they get to work.

Top Tip: You should also make it your number one priority to get rid of other pest problems (ants, flies, beetles, etc.) If your home is crawling with these nasties, you’ll naturally attract spiders who enjoy eating these kinds of insects.

Last but not least, try planting eucalyptus trees and dotting horse chestnuts around your home. It’s widely believed that both these act as natural spider replants.

Do You Now Know How to Kill Spiders Effectively?

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