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Why Termites Are A Year-Round Pest

Most pests are affected by the temperature outside and termites are no exception. When the temperature goes down, termites go down as well, down into the ground. It is here they stay until the warm weather returns, giving homeowners a much-needed reprieve from their destruction. Have you spotted the problem yet? With Florida’s weather, cold is not a term we use as much. Being as far south as we are, the temperature rarely drops low enough for termites to go dormant and leave us alone. For this reason, termites will remain a constant year-round threat which needs constant attention.

Benefits Of A Termite Inspection

It is always a good thing to go to the doctors for a check-up, making sure your body doesn’t have any hidden problems that need addressing. A termite inspection works in the same way, only for your home. You may not know your home is under serious threat, but with the help of the professionals here at Reynolds, we can find out for you. All it takes is a single visit from one of our highly trained pest technicians. During this visit, they will fully evaluate your home for termites and the subtle signs they leave behind. Then they will report back to you, making sure you are fully aware of the situation, termites or no termites, and discuss your next step.

Termite Prevention With Reynolds

Whether we find termites in your home or not, we will suggest the same course of action. It’s called Sentricon. Used by both the White House and the Statue of Liberty, Sentricon is an earth-friendly termite bait system that works year-round to keep termites away from your home. If termites are already in your home, it will draw them out. If termites wander onto your property it will handle them before they reach your home. If there are termites anywhere around your home, Sentricon will take care of them. For your very own Sentricon, or to schedule an inspection by one of our qualified techs, give us a call today. Our team is ready to find your solution!

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