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1. There is Standing Water on Your Property

Mosquitoes are attracted to areas that have standing water in them. The female mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in standing water because it's an ideal location for them to survive in. Some mosquitoes will even lay their eggs in moist soil and once the soil is flooded with water, the eggs will hatch. 

And what's worst than knowing that a female mosquito laid eggs on your property? Knowing that a female can lay up to hundreds of eggs at one time! This means that if your infestation isn't treated correctly and right away, it'll get out of control very quickly.

2. Constant High Buzzing Sound

Mosquitos, like many other flying insects, create an annoying buzzing sound that's heard when they're nearby. Their buzzing is a very high-pitched noise, more so than other insects. And although you may not always see them, if you're constantly hearing this sound, then there's a pretty good chance that there are mosquitoes lingering around somewhere. 

3. They're in Shaded Areas on Your Property 

Other than standing water, mosquitoes also enjoy being in shaded areas. If you live on a property that has a lot of shade or dimmed areas, these are the places that you need to check for an infestation. If you live near a wooded area, be sure not to lead them back to your home with you. 

4. You Notice You're Getting Bit

Some people might not know this, but it's actually very unlikely that a male mosquito will bite you. Male mosquitoes generally feed off of flower nectar or other sweet things. It's the female mosquito that's the number one culprit of mosquito bites. 

The female mosquitoes need blood to produce their eggs. So, if you find yourself being bitten on your property, then this is a sign that female mosquitoes are there and laying eggs. And if you're constantly getting bit, then you either already have an infestation or you're on your way to having one. 

5. You Notice You're Scratching at Night

Not everyone notices when a mosquito bites them. Some people can get several bites without their knowledge. If you don't notice yourself getting bit, then see if you notice that you're scratching at night. 

Mosquito bites are irritating and cause inflammation and swelling. These bites are very itchy so if you don't notice when you're getting bit, then you'll notice when you're scratching. 

6. You See Them Hovering Over Food in Kitchen

As mentioned before, male mosquitoes tend to feed off of nectar and other sweets. And although this is the male's first source of food, females can also live off of sweets for quite some time. If you find mosquitoes hovering over your fruits or any other food in your kitchen, then it might be time to start worrying about an infestation. 

7. You See Them During the Daytime/Evening 

These insects are known to wreak havoc during the night. This is because mosquitoes generally do most of their hunting when the sun goes down. This goes back to number 3 where it states that you might be able to find them in shaded or dimmed areas on your property. 

However, if your home or property is infested with mosquitoes, then you'll most likely start finding them during the evening hours and possibly during the daytime as well. 

8. You Live in an Area With Humid Weather

As mentioned before, mosquitoes thrive in areas that hold standing water. It's no secret that water brings bugs. This is why mosquitoes are commonly found in locations that undergo constant humid weather. 

Florida, known for its humid weather, is a mosquito's dreamland. Not only does Florida offer the humid weather conditions that mosquitoes love, but it also offers mosquitoes the hot temperatures that attract them. If you're a Florida resident, then you're no stranger to mosquitoes.

How to Put Your Mosquito Infestation to Rest

When it comes to putting your mosquito infestation to rest, you'll want to call in the professionals. If not done correctly, then the mosquitoes will return and become a nuisance once again. If you do notice that your property has standing water, this might be the first thing to correct. 

The best way to rid your commercial or residential property of these pesky insects is to have trusted pest control technicians come in and use only the highest of quality products for treatment. If you've read through these 8 signs to look out for and believe that your property might be experiencing a mosquito infestation, then put your troubles at ease!

Don't become victim to mosquito-borne illnesses, contact us today to set up a free, no-obligation estimate for your property. It's time to get your home or business back!

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