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Through Vents

The average Florida home has a bunch of different vents in it that are designed to take air from inside of a house and carry it outside. From bathroom vents to vents over top of a stove, these vents come in handy when you’re a homeowner. The problem with vents, though, is that they can allow rats to get relatively easy access to your home. Rats can chew through vent covers and walk right into your house if you’re not careful. To make matters worse, the vents themselves can sometimes attract rats to your home. Kitchen vents will often send food smells wafting out into the outdoor air, which could potentially send rats running to your home. If you ever discover that you have a rat problem, ask your pest management company to consider the possibility of your vents being the point of entry for the rodents. You might have to find a way to deter the rats from congregating around your vents and using them to break into your home.

Through Holes Made For Plumbing Pipes, Electrical Wires, And Gas Lines

Take a walk around the outside of your house. It likely has all kinds of plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and gas lines going into it. These pipes, wires, and lines are essential to your home. You won’t be able to do things like run a sink, turn on a light, or cook food without them. But they can also serve as an invitation to rats and other rodents. When pipes, wires, and lines are put into your home, whoever finishes the job needs to properly seal the holes that are made for them. Otherwise, rats will have no problem running right through the holes and using the pipes, wires, and lines to travel throughout your home. It’s also your responsibility to keep an eye on these holes and make sure they stay sealed. It’s not uncommon for seals to fail and for holes to open up. Patch up holes as necessary to prevent rats from having an easy place to get into your home.

Through Cracks In Your Foundation

Cracks in your home’s foundation could be problematic for many reasons. For starters, a crack in your foundation could show that your foundation is weakening. It could illustrate that you need to have foundation repair done immediately. A crack in your foundation could also be a sign that your home is shifting or that the soil beneath your home is giving way. That, too, could present an issue for you and your family. But even if a crack in your foundation isn’t proof of a structural issue with your house, it could eventually allow rats to get into your home. While a super tiny crack won’t be big enough to give rats access to your house, a crack as small as just 2 inches could be large enough for a rat to fit through. Repair cracks in your foundation so that rats can’t use them as their own personal entrance to your home. Other small cracks in the exterior of your home should also be repaired accordingly.

Through Holes In Your Roof

Many people are under the assumption that all rats remain close to the ground. So, they believe rats can only get into a home on the ground level. But the truth is that there are some rats that can climb. These rats will have no problem making their way up on to the roof of a home. For that reason, repairing a hole in your roof is absolutely essential if you want to avoid a rat infestation. Outside of the fact that a hole in your roof can allow rain to come into your home and cause water damage, it can also be a place where rats sneak into your house. After a rat makes its way into an attic, it can cause all sorts of issues. It can chew through attic insulation, gnaw through electrical wires, and find ways to get into just about any other part of your home.

Through Your Toilets

We know what you’re thinking: “Rats getting into a home through a toilet?! Urban legend!” But believe it or not, it happens. Fortunately, it’s rare to find rats making their way into a home through a toilet, but it’s not impossible for them to do it. Rats are known to be strong swimmers. They also don’t have any problem working their way through drain pipes. As a result, there are some rats that have weaseled their way into homes through toilets. If you’ve checked every other nook and cranny of your home and struggled to find a spot where rats could be coming in, consider the possibility of them getting in through one of your home’s toilets. Gross as it may be, it could solve the mystery of how rats are accessing your home.

Where Are the Rats in My House Coming From? Find Your Answer Now

If you’re willing to do some digging around, you might be able to answer the question, “Where are the rats in my house coming from?”, on your own. But more than likely, you’ll need a professional pest management service to investigate the situation to find your answer. Pest pros are trained to sniff out the source of rats and get rid of them forever. Read our blog to learn more about rodent infestations and the problems they can pose for homeowners.

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