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Temperature Control

The main use of spray cellulose insulation is for good control over the temperature in your home. Proper insulation helps ensure that you do not lose heat in winter or gain heat in summer. It works to keep your home comfortable all year long. Because this insulation is created to regulate the temperature inside your home in the way that you want, you will have better control over the heat level in your Florida home at any given time. This is because heat rises, so it ends up in the attic. If you are paying to heat your home in cool weather, all that warm air is ending up in your attic, where you’re not using it. In the same way, an attic that is not insulated properly will allow hot air in during the summer. This also forces your air conditioning equipment to work much harder cooling the air inside your home than it should have to.

Save Money

If your air isn’t circulating through your house correctly — whether warm or cool — then you’re going to be wasting your hard earned dollars. Because bad insulation keeps your home hot in the summer and sends your warm air up into the attic in the winter, your AC unit will have to work extra hard to keep the temperature regulated. You may not think you care about this — but when you realize that it directly affects the bill you pay every month, you’ll want to take notice! Paying for proper insulation will save you money because all is working efficiently, as it should. When your machinery is working overtime, your wallet will be forced to, too.

Prevent Water Damage

Water and humidity are just part of life in Florida. From summer rainstorms to hurricane season, a Florida home must be well protected against water damage. Spray cellulose insulation can help with that. Good insulation can wick away moisture, helping prevent the growth of mold and fungus. It will block water from leaking into your home as much as possible, keeping you safe and dry inside and protecting you from costly water damage. If wetness penetrates the materials your home is made of, the repairs will be both costly and a huge hassle to deal with. Having to get a new roof because of rainwater leaks that could have been prevented is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Prevent this headache altogether by installing insulation that will make water damage something you don’t have to worry about.

Block Out Pests

Another one of the incredible benefits of spray cellulose insulation? It helps block out pests and insects! This function of insulation may surprise some people, but it is another one of the many benefits of adding a good cellulose insulation to protect and improve your home. Free your home of ants and roaches that creep in through the cracks by having proper insulation installed. It can be treated with special chemicals that kill pests when they do enter, which helps prevent their spread and can keep infestations from happening. This way, even if your home does provide a way for bugs and roaches to enter, they’re stopped in their tracks. Having some dead bugs in your attic is much better than an entire live colony taking over your living spaces!

Long Lasting

Of course, if you’re going to go through the trouble of installing spray cellulose insulation, you’ll want to make sure this isn’t just a temporary fix. Luckily, that’s not the case at all. Spray cellulose insulation will make a long-lasting, if not permanent, improvement to your home. Cellulose insulation does not have to be reinstalled or reapplied very often. Pay to install it once and you will be good to go for many years. Of course, if the unfortunate situation of incurring damage arises, that may be another story. Still, the level of protection that insulation offers you from other hassles makes it far worth the installation cost every time. Whether you’re just building your home or need to have cellulose insulation put in once it’s already been built, having a spray applied is very little trouble or hassle at all. Hire a professional crew and they’ll be in and out before you know it.

Want to Learn More About Spray Cellulose Insulation?

If you’re not exactly sure what spray cellulose insulation is, that’s okay. We’re happy to explain it to you. It is a type of building insulation that is more loosely filled than other types of insulation. It is made from recycled materials like timber, newspaper, and more. It is great for insulating attics and wall cavities. One of the biggest benefits of cellulose insulation is that it is treated with a special chemical that makes it resistant to the growth of fungus. It is also resistant to catching fire, an important element of building materials in any home. The best cellulose insulation is also treated with an insecticide that will kill pests like ants, roaches, and other bugs. When you consider all the many disasters that a good insulation installation prevents, you begin to see just how worth it the investment is. Sure, it may be costly to install the insulation in the first place, but can you really place a price on not having to worry about pests, water damage, or an uncomfortably humid or chilly home? Ready to spray cellulose insulation in your home? Contact us today!

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